South London Churches U14 League 2017/18


Fixture 1 - 7th October

YFC   v   Catford

Reaching Higher   v   Falcon FC

Fixture 2 - 21st October 

Falcon FC   v   YFC

Reaching Higher  v   Catford

Fixture 3 - 4th November

YFC   v   Reaching Higher

Falcon FC   v   Catford

Fixture 4 - 18th November

Catford   v   YFC

Falcon FC   v   Reaching Higher

Fixture 5 - 13th January 2018

YFC   v   Falcon FC

Catford   v   Reaching Higher

Fixture 6- 17th February

Reaching Higher   v   YFC

Catford   v   Falcon FC


League Cup 1st Round 3rd February 2018

Cup Finals to be arranged