We believe that football is the most powerful tool in the world for inspiring young people to achieve their goals
Julie Thomas: Chairperson
I have been involved with Lewisham Lionhearts FC for six years, with a lot of those early years running the lines.
Since that day in May 2013, where Simon Allen  handed me the “keys”  I can still say that I am enjoying my time as Chairman/Club Secretary.
This is certainly not a solo affair and things could not have worked so well without the support of the Committee.  Working alongside  John Richardson, Club Treasurer and
Beryl Suter, FA Welfare Officer 
we have made a few changes and decisions that will benefit the club.
The overall aim is to ensure that we continue to work hard to keep on delivering the club's overall vision as set out in the early years. It is to be an inclusive club for all players and abilities, keeping costs affordable.
I have the responsibility of overseeing the running of the football club and manage this by:
sourcing different funding and sponsorship opportunities; 
accountable to club members  for expenditure;
promotion of the club within the local area, investigate new tournaments for players;
ensure coaching staff have all the necessary resources  and equipment available to enable them to deliver  a professional service to their players;
find suitable courses  for coaches to attend to aid their professional development around football
The above is a summary of what i am involved in. It is hard work but rewarding.
If anyone has any ideas, thoughts or comments about the club we would love to hear from you.
John Richardson: Treasurer
John Richardson who has worked as an accountant for 44 years and has been Lionheart's treasurer for 3 years
The Treasurer is responsible for the Financial well-being of the club ensuring that all income is banked, all debts are settled in a timely fashion and that proper accounts are kept. Budgets and forecasts will be prepared when requested.
The Treasurer will make recommendations for each seasons subscriptions with a view to ensuring that the Club membership remains affordable for all. It is the Treasurers' responsibility to ensure that any surpluses the club makes are put to good use.  
Coach U12
Will Peddie: Manager
Leroy Waysome
Coach U16 Catford Lionhearts Coaches
Leo Thomas
Adrian Cooke
Coach U16 Lewisham Lionhearts Coaches
Danny Bowens
Coach U18 Lewisham Lionhearts Coaches
Trevor Swaby
Richard Fowler
Richard Sontan